They told me, 'Don't bargain with the prices,' ... They wanted the best of everything. I was surprised. I didn't know they'd have a budget like Guangzhou or Beijing.

The company offers many compelling positives, including a recurring revenue, high operating leverage business model and solid long-term performance.

When you hear sirens, that's all it takes to take something seriously.

I think people really have a much better understanding of the cost of capital and clearly with debt as cheap as it is, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a balance sheet with excess cash.

Money motivates. The goals (in the public sector) are more about service than money.

It's sold more businesses than it has managed to buy.

I think the political process is important and we don't shy away from that. But there needs to be a balance. In the public sector, we have promoted (the balance), but we haven't achieved it yet.

It was an immense amount of work.

We knew that to reach young guys we had to use humor, so the 'news expose' creative concept fit with our objective. Having the resources and experience allowed us to create compelling entertainment that speaks right to AXE Shower's target.