David Laney
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"David M. Laney" is the former Amtrak board chairman, serving from 2003 to 2007. An alumnus of St. Mark's School of Texas, Laney graduated from Stanford University and the law school at Southern Methodist University. A member of the Amtrak board since April 2002, Laney was previously the chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, a partner at Jackson Walker LLP and became a campaign "Pioneer" for George W. Bush by raising over $100,000 for his 2000 presidential campaign. He also made significant donations to Republican campaigns in the 2008 elections.

In 2010, Laney was inducted into the Texas transportation Hall of Honor.

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It was built to persuade young people that first-rate science can happen here and that we in Africa can experience the universe with the best of them.

We had one client who, when his will was finished, couldn't bring himself to sign it.

Private operators need to be given a shot. Amtrak assumes it will be competing for its future.

There's nothing, as far as I'm concerned, that's off the table.

We will consider every conceivable solution to make it work. We're committed to hold the system together at acceptable cost.

All we know is, we could look and see what was happening to I-35. We knew that increasingly we would lose ground.

We're living on borrowed time. We have to demonstrate what we can do on our own before it is taken out of our hands.