She read a lot of books on it.

Had the company somehow survived, the share dealing by Mr Hall may never have become known. The dealings became known because of the collapse.

People like to visit some place and say, boy, right here, this happened. It's part of history.

I had Bill and Dave walk up the driveway and go into the old garage, and they started reminiscing.

Mercury is toxic.

The information was explosive and Mr Hall knew it.

I've got somebody else doing that.

Evidence of Harm, Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy.

Does mercury in vaccines cause autism in children? A definitive answer has proven elusive, and it remains so to this day. No one can say with certainty that thimerosal ... helped fuel an explosion in reported cases of autism, ADD, speech delay and other disorders over the past decade. But no one can say for certain that it did not.