David Keyes
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"David Keyes" is the Executive Director of Advancing Human Rights and co-founder of CyberDissidents.org. Called a "pioneer in online activism," by The New York Times, Keyes has been credited with freeing political prisoners and sparking protest movements in the Middle East. He is a frequent contributor to The Daily Beast. Keyes has written for The New York Times,The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, "Reuters", The New Republic, Foreign Policy and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera and many other media outlets.

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A couple of things are safe to say. From the community end, there's a demand for this kind of service. ... From a technical end, Wi-Fi is still a challenging technology.

We've ended up putting in a lot more technician time than we anticipated — that's been a much bigger cost for us — but we made a commitment to put it in and we'll make it work.