What is UVSC's role in the Utah system of higher education in general and, more specifically, to the local community?

This is a review process that should be done every year for the first five years and then every two to three years after that. There are issues of parking, traffic and public space to work out.

Light rail has given Salt Lake City a new kind of ambience. It feels like a real city.

I think there were a lot of issues that were simmering below the surface, and Michael Moore simply brought that to the surface.

B&W has a long history of working with Kansas City Power & Light. We value that relationship, appreciate their confidence in our proven technology and construction capabilities, and look forward to continuing to help them meet their commitments to the environment and to their customers.

The cost will go to the ratepayers. I ask very strongly if you want us to sign a 35-year contract, put money on the table, what are we getting into?