Rate hikes don't have to mean the death knell for tech spending. Fundamentals are still strong.

Normally, you buy back a lot of stock when you don't think there's any reason to invest in your own company, ... Parsons hasn't ruled out Icahn's suggestions, but it's clear he wants his flexibility.

Clearly the far more important factor for tech is the relative strength of the economy. It trumps the dollar situation. But if the dollar improves, it does take the bloom off the rose for some of the sales numbers that companies have reported.

We'll see if Goldman can keep that string going.

It doesn't take a lot of money moving into these stocks to move them higher. But valuations will put a cap on how far things will go.

We'll see what impact, if anything, the hurricane had on them, and it may be a harbinger.

The evidence of gathering economic strength is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

They will probably have to make some estimations.

Things are stabilizing but there is still not a change that would suggest a major new spending cycle in tech.