"David Howell" is the name of:

*David Howell (priest) (1831–1903), Dean of St David's Cathedral, 1897–1903

*David Howell (jurist) (1747–1824), American jurist, Continental Congressman for Rhode Island

*David Howell, Baron Howell of Guildford (born 1936), British Conservative MP, Minister in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet

*David Howell (footballer) (born 1958), English footballer and manager

*David Howell (golfer) (born 1975), English professional golfer from Swindon

*David Howell (rugby league) (born 1983), Australian rugby league player currently playing for the Harlequins RL

*David Howell (chess player) (born 1990), English chess grandmaster

*David Howell (British Army officer), British barrister and officer

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I hit it perfect and it just kept coming back, ... The crowd cheered, and then booed, and it just hung there.

It was certainly better than I expected. You always come into these things with a pessimistic attitude.

It was certainly better than I expected.

I got a little bit of jitters. I've made a mess of things before. But that's the difference today. This time the ball did the lap of honor and dropped in.

David and I are good friends, so it should be nice out there tomorrow. This is a strong field, so it would be a great win if I can get it - but any one of four or five players, if they get hot, still has a chance.

I played really nicely and gave myself lots of chances but didn't take many of them. If I can just turn it up a little notch over the weekend I should be in good shape.

Hopefully I'll be up to the pressure tomorrow. At this stage of my career, third or fourth place is nice, but it is all about winning.

I don't think that happens to golfers too often. But maybe my swing is better than it was before the accident, so maybe it was a good thing.