New Smyrna was the ones who hyped us up about this game. This is the kind of situations we need to have, create rivalries and bring people out to the games.

I had a long talk with (Seitz) up in Atlanta (for the holiday tournament) about contributing a little bit more and I'll tell you that talk really did help him.

Anything that is burned or ignited can cause fires.

Because he is not guilty, and he will be found not guilty at trial.

Film is a very collaborative art just have to get used to it.

It seems to me that Los Angeles is a city filled with dreamers.

Clearly, we believed we conducted our promotions in good faith and that our conduct conformed with state law.

It's much more convenient as opposed to your regular commercial travel.

We knew this would be a very physical game. I told my players that we would have to step up and play like men today. Pine Ridge has a great front line. I knew that we wouldn't have a chance if we let them push us around.