"Total -"

/ clubs = West Coast Eagles/West Coast

Geelong Football Club/Geelong

/ games(goals) = 46 (43)

19 (15)

"65 (58)"

/ statsend = 2005


"David Haynes" (born 10 June 1981) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with the West Coast Eagles and Geelong Football Club/Geelong in the Australian Football League (AFL), and East Perth Football Club/East Perth in the West Australian Football League (WAFL).

Originally from North Warrnambool Football Club in the Hampden Football Netball League/Hampden Football League, Haynes played for junior club Geelong Falcons before being drafted by West Coast with the 16th selection of the 1999 AFL Draft, which the Eagles had secured from Fremantle Football Club/Fremantle in exchange for Brendon Fewster.

Haynes made his senior AFL debut in 2000 AFL season/2000 but spent most of his first two seasons in the WAFL with East Perth, where he was a member of their 2001 premiership team. A half forward flanker, he kicked 27 goals from 21 appearances for West Coast in 2003 AFL season/2003.

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She clearly did not know her action was wrong and that's unfortunate. We will try this again.

You see all kinds of remains, I'm sure you look for deaths from victims of child abuse. Do you see an injury or pattern.

She's nervous about the beginning of a trial, like anyone does who's going on trial for her life.

On Nov. 22...the last dike broke and madness flooded in. What happened there was unthinkable and unspeakable.

There were a number of people who could have and should have recognized she was ill and done more to help her, including her church. I'm not going to war with her church, but they should have recognized she had serious mental illness.

They're definitely scared and keeping their guns loaded. If you live in a big city, you expect a shooting like this. Not out here.

The autopsy photos...are going to be horrendous pictures.

We believe that we have strong evidence to indicate that she was insane at the time of the offense.

I wish they would release a little information, ... They certainly haven't said there's a crazy killer on the loose.