If you buy selective, high-quality equities in emerging markets, you'll make money over two years.

My guess is that we'll hear by November who it is, given the need to have time for Congressional approval to occur, but I think the selection is wide open.

All of us are astounded by the momentum of the mutual-fund industry. It's an awesome thing to behold.

There are very important structural changes occurring that will set the stage for important improvements in the world economy. There's a great deal of optimism in the air and a great deal of opportunities.

Back when I gave that speech in March, some of my hedge fund friends thought it would be a big issue by the third quarter. But here we are, it's July, and it just hasn't seemed to register.

I'm concerned with the street issue, but very pleased with the developer's willingness to consider using re-routing to control traffic, as well his willingness to redirect the water.

There's a good case to be made for having Wall Street experience.

I'm surprised the market has been so remarkably unconcerned this summer.

Y2K could lead to real problems.