You are pretty much stuck. I'm not even acquainted with what anyone is calling this decade. There is no catchy phrase.

I actually love it when they disrespect us. It makes me want to come here and cheer even louder.

I think a lot of people are just taking a stand without really knowing what's happening. That's why I believe an event like this is really helpful.

How is that making the border safer? When did you ever see a Mexican blow up the World Trade Center? Who do you think built the World Trade Center?

Our commitment to quality home care is demonstrated by providing a full range of quality services and exceeding the expectations of our community and patients.

You either fight or you get a reputation as a punk sucker.

Storytelling is for all people. Storytelling is alive and well because people are so hungry for stories, they'll watch TV six hours a day.

We are the better story. We should be getting all the attention, but we're not.

They (the Mexicans) are treating us badly. Many fear them more than they fear the gringos (Americans).