David Gee
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"David Gee" was an English oil painter who took his inspiration from the local area.

Gee mostly painted battle scenes, landscapes as well as pictures inspired by local legends such as Lady Godiva. He was active as a painter between the years of 1815 and 1868. He died in 1871 or 1872.

In 1831, Gee began restoration work on the Holy Trinity Church, Coventry#Doom painting/Holy Trinity Doom, an early 15th-century painting of the Last Judgment. He received five guineas for his work.

There is little contemporary information about Gee's work on the Doom, but conservation work begun in 1995 suggests he added outlines to the figures and repainted or recoloured some areas.

There is no evidence that Gee significantly changed the painting's composition or symbolism.

Gee also applied a coating of megilp to the painting. This bituminous varnish soon degraded and by 1873 the Doom was 'almost invisible'.

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