It's really not about stopping aid. It's about getting criminals back.

At least Jacob is prepared and armed and surrounded by guys who are there to protect him. Which a lot more than we are just walking down the street.

I am thrilled to have been asked to captain Kent and look forward to giving it my best shot. I remain committed to getting back into the England side and am sure that my added responsibilities at Kent will help me do this.

I remember him playing Andy Caddick at Bath, when there was a bit of a ridge.

David Fulton : Walking.

I expect he will make a very good captain and I'm not sure why it's taken so long (for him to become India captain).

There's the old cliché that we should take it a game at a time, but I prefer to be ultra positive and believe that if we beat Middlesex, Nottinghamshire and Sussex we will bring the championship back to Canterbury.

They tried to revive him at the hospital, but he died on the street.