I suppose 99 point something percent will have been scrapped. One or two will have been kept deliberately for reference purposes - the best way to keep one's successor from making mistakes to keep one or two in the archive. Whether one or two get out into the public realm, I don't know.

I thought we played really great in the first half, but the team seemed to fall apart in the second. I was proud of the ending results though. Stevie Dellinger did really well with her two goals and assist; it really added to the game. Evelyn Palacios did great keeping the goal at crucial points during the match.

Whether any of our coins in circulation in any of the countries will turn out to be useful, only time will tell, ... It depends how many people put notes away.

We played well in the first half. Play was pretty even between both teams but we did well. We have improved since last night.

This was a huge win for us in our conference play, probably the biggest in two years. We showed our determination being down so early in the match and coming back to defeat A.C. Reynolds. They are a great team and we showed up tonight. I can't single anyone out on this win, it was a team victory.

This certainly removes some of the stain. They have carried into the future all the ghosts of the Black Sox and this whole Second City thing. They have been in the shadow of all of that forever.

In the second half we tried too much and we lost the initial game plan. Shelby made adjustments around us and beat us each time. We're young and still trying to figure out our positions on the field. Overall, the effort from these ladies was good.