They are a group of kids who do not exercise very good judgment about who it is wise to have sexual relationships with.

That certainly does not parallel previous estimates. It may be that communities where blacks live tend to be heavily policed. Black parents may rely upon police more (than other groups) when their kids go missing. There also may be simply more missing-child episodes among black families.

That certainly does not parallel previous estimates.

There's been a decline in the double standard. That's why you're seeing more of these cases.

There are very serious forms of, and reactions to, sibling victimization.

These are very interesting and important statistics. This shows a pretty dramatic over-representation of black kids.

There's been some fear on the part of advocates that some enthusiasm (for tougher laws) will go away if people think the situation is getting better.

This might be a very auspicious moment to make some recommendations about what we think ought to be regularly available.

Sometimes this behavior becomes institutionalized. It's a culture that gets established, and something very radical needs to be done like closing down and trying to start anew.