It's still very early days for them all.

You all represent a beautiful town we feel is going to be negatively impacted. If we can get the big dogs barking, it will validate this process.

We felt we couldn't set it just next to someone else's law books.

Mozart was the first major composer who created his own career as an independent businessman, an independent entrepreneur.

Conceptually, both (antispam and antivirus) are trying to control e-mail coming in and out through policies.

That's why he wrote so many piano concertos.

I was struck that Lotus feels very threatened by Microsoft.

Another reason is that many users will have restrictions on their mailbox sizes for the foreseeable future, ... A flood of spam can cause the message store space to run out, in which case new bona fide incoming e-mail will be refused.

There is competition among the people who write viruses to create special mischief around New Year's Eve. We think it's a good idea for companies to shut down their e-mail systems for about a 24-hour period. But they also need to have contingency plans for a period afterward so they can fix their systems in the case of time bombs sent earlier.