We don't like to slow it down. But luckily it went our way.

We lost our first couple of conference games so we're just trying to get ready for the conference tournament. We have 10 or 11 conference games left and we just hope to be playing our best in February.

They are a good team. They were hard to beat here on Senior Night.

We held them down as long as we could. Those back-to-back threes were big. But the difference in the game was us running into the 3-point shooter. [Skinner] made all three of them and that was the final margin. If we don't do that we're not in that position at the end.

Eddie has probably been our biggest surprise so far. He's been our most steady player.

What I'm most proud of is, late-third and mid-fourth, when [the lead] got down to 5 or 6, we fought them and never let them get closer. As soon as they cut it to 4, we scored a basket on the other end.

Booneville shot the ball well but that's not against the rules. We stepped into the hornets' nest a little bit tonight. We didn't play bad but Booneville played better and they got after us.

We're very young and Booneville is a very good team. They're very athletic and we've had two or three conference games where we've had leads that we squandered. Thankfully, we got this one and pushed it out of reach for them.

That halftime lead is a little misleading because it was close for a while. We got 24 in a row, so the whole lead was that run. That obviously was the difference in the game.