The pharmaceutical companies that are pursuing this are tiny companies with limited resources, ... They are having a hard time getting funding.

While many of the challenges facing gay, bisexual, and trans men are daunting, it's important to recognize that many gay men, both HIV-positive and -negative, remain healthy and make important changes to further improve their health, individually and in the communities where they live.

They have a superb management team and Mike Pascoe is a great leader. They continue to be better positioned in the global marketplace. This company is being taken to the next level.

The Mattoon school district has welcomed David and Brian completely, ... They have been so easy to work with and we couldn't have expected better. They are helping us register for classes and they offered us school supplies.

We do not stand up to this corrupt Government enough. I will not pay excessive charges be they for council tax, water charges or whatever. I will pay what is due if it is fair but I demand fairness.

Go home and give parents a big hug, and a big thank you for making this building possible.

The prescription drug field for women looks pretty bleak.