Fell for Peter Lorre on screen when he made suave simpering so amusing in 'The Maltese Falcon.' .

From a regional standpoint, these guys support Sacramento on a year-round basis.

We did it for them. These horsemen have all moved to Sacramento. They support us year round. We needed to help them get back on their feet.

When I have to replace my picnic tables, that's criminal.

Skateboarders are belligerent as a matter of fact.

I guarantee you there's no way there's going to be 150 new death sentences. Some defendants would have better lawyers, you'd have different juries which would be less likely to impose sentences, plus evidence will be older and witnesses will have more trouble remembering facts. There will be all sorts of factors.

I would not be surprised if the Supreme Court does decide to weigh in again on this issue. We're early in the process of figuring out what the Supreme Court's ruling really means.

This action will affect approximately 30 positions. But we are making every effort to find jobs for these people to fill. A lot can happen in two years from now.