We're in the beginning stages of the investigation. We're looking for a motive or if this is even a homicide. We're looking at it as a suspicious situation because of the way the body was found.

It's no longer the third rail of American politics.

There were complex and complicating factors. ... It was a difficult case. But any time we get to have a conversation with the American public about the fairness of the death penalty, it helps us.

It's a problem for our allies when we continue to execute people. It's going to be a problem for our allies when a U.S.-supported government in Iraq executes people.

That's a pretty low bar. We need a higher bar.

He's tested below 70 [on an IQ test], believes in the Easter bunny and plays with crayons.

This is a time for somber and sober reflection but the United States is slowly turning away from the death penalty.

In both of those categories there's a standard. Either you are 18 years old when you commit a crime or you're not. Either your IQ is below 70 or it's not, ... Mental illness is a lot trickier for people to define, and so we haven't had the finality come from the courts that we have in these other categories.