David Ellefson
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"David Warren "Dave" Ellefson" is a bassist and founding member of the American thrash metal music/thrash metal band Megadeth. He has also been known as "Junior" to differentiate him from Dave Mustaine. Ellefson currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition to playing bass guitar in Megadeth, Ellefson also has various side projects which include Temple of Brutality, F5 (band)/F5, and Killing Machine (band)/Killing Machine.

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It was completely unintentional, really. We did write a few progressive and more traditional metal songs early on, but I think the band sounds best on the ones we ended up putting on the record. It's refreshing to do a debut album with a new band because there are really no restrictions to what you can do.

A Drug For All Seasons.