David Eckstein
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"David Mark Eckstein" is a retired American professional baseball player who was an infielder in Major League Baseball for ten seasons. He played college baseball for the University of Florida, and has played professionally for the Anaheim Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks and San Diego Padres. Eckstein won the 2006 World Series/2006 World Series Most Valuable Player Award.

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In Anaheim, you were fighting for your life every single night.

It's pretty calming to step to the plate in that situation.

Yeah, that's what people say. We'll see if that's true. But I know that in this lineup, I'm just going to do everything I can to get on base. That's my job.

With a faster runner, I'll backhand it. With a very fast runner, I'll set, plant, catch, and throw.

He'll sit there and go, 'Get on base, I'll hit you in. He puts this team on himself.

Winning two games means absolutely nothing. We don't get caught up in all that, even when it is the World Series.

It's just a whole different realm of a leadoff man. You've got to be patient.

I feel very confident with two strikes. I feel it's more of a freedom. I get very upset with myself if I make an out on a bad pitch before two strikes. With two strikes, it's all out the window. I feel free.

We had our chances. I think his hamstring was bothering him. There was a play when he didn't run to cover first base. There may be something there.