In most instances, Faye was critical of the city administrator.

He called Tiffany a liar, he called her parents a liar.

On multiple occasions, I told Faye that from my perspective, the city administrator had done a tremendous job in steering the city out of the bleak financial situation that it was in when he was first hired.

She said it promotes team bonding.

Our producers were tasked with finding the best and brightest the academic engineering world has to offer for the tasks at hand. Stanford is among the top engineering programs worldwide and therefore was a natural fit.

We're here just to put the information out about what we're going through.

The resolve is there. It's still there.

There's nothing more fun than a roomful of puppies. We gave it the football theme, and it caught fire for us.

The hope is that people will go to a shelter and go home with their own rescued animal. That is the underscoring message of the event: Get out and give the animals a home.