Some of you will be back.

For example when the rockets landed outside the city yesterday (Sunday) I could tell them 'the rockets landed outside of town and I think your daughters are very close to where I am staying in Kabul and it is a very quiet place.

The merits of the program have to be based on the internal fortitude of wanting to make a difference in your life.

I do believe people can pay for their behavior. Once they've done that they deserve the opportunity to return home. Good programming is good security.

It's a real disappointment.

What comes live Monday is the efforts to improve the system but this will be a work in progress. The system will allow for daily updates.

Jurors understand that the risks of the use of this product have been well known for decades, if not centuries, ... But our society has made the policy decision that, against the backdrop of those known risks, these are products which people ought to be allowed the opportunity to purchase.

I see that we will be promoting these throughout the prison system. That's my goal.