We've probably got 60 percent (of the players) who have never touched a soccer ball until this season.

I know it seems early to be campaigning now, but I can assure you the other side is already talking about it.

These figures show the growing importance of online news sites as a primary source of up to the minute information in Israel and highlight the sites' ability to capture a growing audience.

The social aspect is always there. And a refreshing adult beverage after a fun sports event is always an enjoyable time.

This could be a very interesting case study. All four are well qualified. The difference is going to be who campaigns most effectively.

Verdigris has three guards that are very good. We played very poor defense against Bethel. If we play like that against Verdigris, we are going to get embarrassed.

I've heard that Pike Central is one of the toughest teams in the district and they played like it. They're a good team. They're really tough. They got some excellent shots and they really hustled.

We watched the movie like six times over the weekend to brush up on our characters.

It's a great way to feel young again. I can't wait to actually get on the grass and start playing.