Rugby didn't start planning early enough and cricket needs to learn from that.

We had the players and were able to use those to the max - Lawrence Dallaglio, Martin Johnson, Jonny Wilkinson - to market the sport.

Philip Morris does not understand why, either as a matter of law or practice, the European Commission has chosen to address this issue in a U.S. court rather than through regulatory and cooperative actions within the framework of the European Union.

The past few days have been painful for everyone involved. But that is nothing compared to any offense that may have been caused to disabled people in our community and in our country.

One of the outstanding football coaches in the world.

They need to do what we should have done and put a plan in place. It's a challenge for (chief executive) David Collier and the ECB.

I felt really, really good out there, but I didn't want to take too much out of me.

Sven's got a roving eye. He's like a seagull and can wrap his wings around people.

It's embarrassing and distressing for us, but to appeal would have been distracting for the squad so we have decided to take the punishment on the chin.