In 1999 Roswells percentage was 6 percent of the local options sales tax. However, its now around 9 percent or 10 percent. The county kept telling us it wasnt necessary to renegotiate until they had to update their comprehensive land use plan, which they had to do by the end of this month.

She couldn't have written a better ending.

This is a fun business. How many people get to come to work and see people smiling - and bring their [own] family with them. She was always here.

Whilst I welcome the fact that the minister has taken this step, I am exasperated by the executive's foot-dragging on the need for a replacement crossing.

I've gone to a bunch and I don't know if you can predict it. I might put my name in for delegate to the county convention this time.

You don't keep employees on that long without treating them like family.

Was asked to serve cookies.

Labour and the Lib Dems have turned the council tax into a tartan stealth tax.

She walked the midway, or she'd sit on a lawn chair outside the popcorn stand.