This is not Southwest Airlines' airport. As there are further relaxations of the Wright Amendment, we will compete more. There is space at this airport to grow.

The average ticket value of a business traveler is about twice that of a leisure customer's ticket.

It's going to be tough to make a profit.

We continue to believe that changes to the Wright Amendment will negatively impact local businesses, the economy and potentially thousands of jobs throughout North Texas.

We saw a big collapse in business travel in the early part of the decade. We saw the writing on the wall that something had to change.

It's in the top five costs. Fuel is No. 1, then labor, then airplane ownership, and then distribution.

Does Dallas what to double the number of frequencies out of this airport? That's, very simply, what you can count on with further relaxation or elimination of the Wright Amendment.

The corporate players that pulled their horns in on travel back in 2002 and 2003 are getting back out on the road pretty significantly.