If you look at the nature of the crime that has taken place clearly the person responsible for this matter must be treated with extreme caution and considered to be dangerous.

We look like a band of vagabonds with our ladders and pickers.

How do we make people be more responsible? That's No. 1.

The Monitor is undertaking strenuous efforts on Jill's behalf, taking advantage of every opportunity we have at our disposal. People at the Monitor are working on this night and day in a variety of cities around the world.

I think, with Hurricane Rita coming on the heels of Katrina, people are going to realize this isn't just a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

There have been developments, we've had some positive developments in terms of statements from politicians in Iraq, from clerics in Iraq, so we take some comfort from that. But there's much more to be done. The clock is ticking, and we need to keep working to get her out.

He's had two outstanding years and done exactly what I've wanted him to do.

We're taking every step we can think of to take. It seems so unjust that someone who has been such a careful, unbiased, sensitive reporter could be murdered for that kind of public service.

Therefore I would ask that any member of the public who has got any information that would assist us as to the whereabouts of Mr Hardy to contact police.