"David Chamberlain" is a cross-country skier from the United States. He was born and raised in Wilton, Maine and took up cross-country skiing in high school. He then attended Bates College, and was an All-American in skiing.

After entering the professional cross-country ski circuit, he signed with Fischer Skis and raced with Fischer Boots, Skis and Bindings, before signing with Atomic Skis, Alpina Sports, and Rottefella from 2004 until 2006, and Fischer for the 2008–2009 season.

Chamberlain trained with the Maine Winter Sports Center. He lives in Carbiou, Maine with his wife BethAnn Chamberlain, who races Biathlon for the MWSC. He was a skiing guide for United States at the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

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What this means is a return to sanity. There has been so much hype and so many promises made and promises broken.

There's quite a balance here that people are trying to figure out.

I don't want a whole meal on my handset. I would rather have an information snack.

People are not really flocking to phones with new features. They just want to talk on the phone.

In Europe, T-Mobile signed a deal with Virgin that did not make a lot of financial sense, and it seems like all of the cellular carriers learned from that mistake.

The financial markets are still in charge, and people are going from quarter to quarter instead of looking five years down the road, ... Why announce 3G when you can't install it? To make sure you have enough money from investors to build it out a few years from now.

Many firms view offering cellular services as a way to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.