"David Brewer" is the name of:

*David William Brewer, Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London 2008 - and Lord Mayor of London 2005-6

*David Josiah Brewer (1837–1910), Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court

*David L. Brewer III (born 1946), American school superintendent and retired Vice Admiral (United States)/Vice Admiral of the United States Navy

*David M. Brewer (1959–2003), American convicted of murder

*David V. Brewer (born ca. 1951), Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court

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We are expecting about the same number of participants as last year, ... It is not too late for anyone who is interested in attending to sign up. We have a new twist this year, we will have several players from the old Southern Association on hand to talk about their playing days. It was a suggestion we got from the group last year.

I would like to see us revisit that issue, ... Not having a charter keeps us from doing a lot of things. I think the City Council needs to ... form an ad hoc committee and look into it.

Anthony's been a very pleasant surprise, ... And his ability to score gives us another offensive option, which is nice.

We've only got six kids on our roster, so we don't have a lot of depth, ... But these kids play their tails off, especially at the defensive end of the floor, and we haven't had a problem scoring points, which makes for a pretty good combination.

I don't think this team has trailed this season, ... And we've played well in all three games, especially at the defensive end. This group guards very well despite being shorter than all the teams we've faced, and we don't have a lot of depth.

When we look around the world, we see corruption and morals have taken the back seat. Our own pleasures have taken priority, ... We are examining the Bible to see what it has to say, and we are rejecting political correctness and secularism.

Geez, make a decision, ... They put things off. They just don't seem like they come to meetings prepared. They don't come across as a team, and they don't get things done.

Greico is a natural point guard and does a good job getting us set offensively, and Larsen is just a do-it-all type of kid who knows how to score, ... But best of all, this is a group of kids, all of them, who are competitive the right way ... meaning that they have a strong desire to win games.