I would like to see them say, 'Hey, Walter Forbes is clean. He is a good guy. He's got a decent idea here, and we need to keep him around.' Or, 'Hey, Walter Forbes is no longer part of this company,'.

In one sense, businesses like it if not much would happen. If he doesn't get impeached, there would be no policy movement.

Another name that's probably been kicked around by fears over interest rates. It's well off its high. It's a leader in the consumer finance business. At the end of this year, it will have produced 25 consecutive years of earnings increases. That's a pretty impressive record with a rock-solid management, selling at about 15 or 16 times next year's numbers. So it looks like a pretty good deal to me.

People are still long-term investors and stocks are still the best way to go.

Over the next two or three weeks, there will be uncertainty associated with (market) volatility. But it will be resolved.

A well-meaning grandparent or aunt or uncle or parent can get a child started on a very easy basis. Just put in $50 a month -- you don't even notice -- and over the years the account builds and compounds very nicely.

The problem is, [parents] don't understand how little time it takes to accumulate quite a bit of money.

I think it's been driven down in large part by concerns over interest rates. There have been some pricing concerns in their long distance business, as well, but just a great company that's well off its high.

We try to invest in companies that kids can easily understand and our educational material is targeted to about the 6th grade level. It's all in the presentation I think.