"David Bradshaw" is a multi-faceted American artist based out of Cecilia, LA and E. Charleston, Vermont. He is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

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Oracle can't afford to [anger] IBM too much, and vice versa.

Our view is that it's now a substantial competitor to everyone else. It's no longer the sort of toy database that you use for relatively small businesses.

We were a different team at the start of the season than we were at the end. At the beginning of the season we were a transition team that played good full-court defense. By the end of the season we were a half-court team.

This team was at a higher level than other freshman teams I've coached. They still have some work to do before they can compete at the next level.

Siebel is undeniably the highest functionality. For my money it would be silly not to take the functionality and express it in what is going to be Fusion.

In the past, software vendors have shied away from anything that looks like a business service because it dilutes their operating margin. We will be very interested to monitor Sage's progress.

We had the depth to have those guys leave. It just made us adjust what we did.

We weren't quite ready to compete at the next level. We dominated the freshman teams in the league.

It's going to be an uncomfortable relationship.