Anyone inclined to view Paul Laurence Dunbar as an apologist for the South or as a white-identified `Uncle Tom' would be quickly disabused of that view by reading the caustic, eloquent attacks on white racism that Dunbar published in newspapers.

The overall cost of having the coupon program was lower than expected. They must have been able to make cuts elsewhere. And a lot of it is volume driven. They had some nice [market] share gains.

He would just get really upset about anything that you would say to him or try to, you know, show him where he's wrong. It was either his way or no way.

The proof of the pudding is that the Ford Explorer has seen virtually no decline in August.

It simply would not be possible to make these cuts by trimming around the edges.

He made a statement to this man that he'd just killed three people in Seven Mile Ford.

GM has a long history of poor performance and all of sudden they start doing well. Everyone is forced to ask, 'How much further is it going to go? Is this a flash in the pan?'

The fact that GM opted to cut production a lot rather than raise incentives again suggest the jig is up. The kinds of levels we're seeing will be there, but I don't know we'll get incrementally higher.