"David E. Bowles" is an American politician from Maine. Bowles, a Maine Republican Party/Republican from Sanford, Maine/Sanford, served four terms (1998-2006) in the Maine House of Representatives. He served two of those terms in leadership as Assistant Minority Leader (2003-2004) and as Minority Leader (2005-2006).

Bowles was born in Rochester, New York and settled in Sanford, Maine. He attended Washington and Lee University for one year and the University of Southern Maine for five years. He also served in the United States Marine Corps from 1964 to 1968.

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The popularity in keeping and breeding birds is rising rapidly in the UK and we are one of the main players in the bird trade in Europe.

The governor certainly hasn't spoken with Republicans about his plans. I think it would be embarrassing for him if we were to have a special session and nothing were to result from it. It would be just one more failure in a long string of failures.

We have an election cycle coming up ahead, and there are many who fully expect Republicans to capture the House. It's not only incumbent upon the Democrats, but wise of the Democrats at this point to be more accommodating to Republicans. If the shoe is overturned during the next election cycle, they're going to be looking for fair treatment from our speaker.

We think that it goes a long ways toward bringing a greater element of fairness into the committee process.

This has resulted in a huge increase in the legal and illegal trade. With certain species going for £10,000 on the black market, it can be very lucrative.

He was choked up over Sarah winning.

The important thing is not that you're killing the cattle, it's how you're actually killing the cattle.

The fact of the matter is we're going to sit down with the speaker and negotiate a more equitable arrangement, and I think the speaker will be amenable to some accommodation.

As long as he's not going to go meet with President Chavez personally, I'm very comfortable with the arrangement.