Today, most people read on screen.

Literacy is such a complicated adventure today.

We need to be pro-children and pro-literacy of all kinds. Embrace, respect, and value everybody's tastes and everybody's choices. When you take away elitism and judgment, such good things happen.

I don't dictate what humans should read. Only 15-20 percent of men read fiction. The rest don't.

This is a very important step forward as we move toward completing our merger with HP.

The schools are in danger of becoming tours where people visit old-fashioned times. We have to find ways to unite the outside and the inside of school.

It's our 25th year coming here.

We just didn't show up for last week's game against Joshua Springs. I told our kids that they (Excelsior) would come out and hit you hard because they have some good players, and you'll have to execute our game plan better than you did last week. The other teams are looking for that opportunity to beat us and have that second-place playoff spot, and we really need to step it up.

Today, men write more than women, but it's on screen. The computer has made men free to write, and they're writing more than in the history of the world.