David Becker
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"David Becker" is a Grammy nominated American, guitarist, composer and producer, leader of the David Becker Tribune (DBT). He is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute. He began music on the trumpet and switched to guitar at 15.

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I think it's a major step forward.

You worry about small investors getting involved through the back door in investments that aren't suitable for them because they're too risky or the fees are too high. NASD requires brokers to have a reasonable basis for recommending an investment, as a counterforce to the overwhelming economic incentives for salesmen to sell.

He connected all the dots, and it worked out.

It's probably not an overstatement to say it's unprecedented for that kind of overruling of the career staff to occur.

I think it's a major step forward, I don't think it signals any retreat from vigorous enforcement.

I think the passenger restrictions are a really good idea because I think most teens take more risk when there's other people in the car.

[In insider trading cases,] you connect the dots not by simply going from one dot to another but by starting at both dots and working toward the middle, ... The facts that are public don't come close to demonstrating wrongdoing. It's way too premature to have any judgment.