It's a nice thing to put out of your mind without necessarily forgetting, because every day it hurts. But I believe this movie has two excellent objectives: One is to capture the reality of what really happened on that plane, and the second is to remind us this war is still going on.

Our personal reaction was one of relief, because they got it right. When it comes to Sept. 11 and United Flight 93, we don't need another movie. This one got it.

Clearly, there are people who aren't ready to see this. I certainly understand that, and that's their decision to make. But we must not forget.

I can't speak for every family member, but as far as I know, the family members who have seen the film are unanimous in their support of United 93 . This is an important story about real people fighting a real battle in a real war. This story needs to be told factually and accurately for this generation and generations to come.

I'm okay with a good project making money.