We will need to find a new chairman and secretary and I would like to extend my appreciation to both of them for all their hard work over the years.

We've received 1,150 comments. Usually, if there are more than a half-dozen comments, that is high.

We strongly disagree with the ruling.

The [proposed] bank is a limited purpose bank.

We disagree with the opinion and don't think it was supported by the facts, which is the main reason why we appealed.

[Unfortunately, banks located in the most heavily storm-damaged areas might not be able to open or restore online services for some time. That applies especially to small banks and thrifts without a regional or national network.] If this applies to you, ... you really should contact one of the emergency service organizations, such as FEMA or the Red Cross , and .

Too early to have any estimates of the financial loss to banks.

[Don't panic. Your banking information isn't lost. ] What most likely is causing problems for people in the affected area is not a loss of financial or banking data, but the loss of the telephone and communications infrastructure, ... Once telephone service becomes restored to more and more areas, and once the affected banks manage to get their own verification systems.

And David Barnes played a very good innings. He has been a terrific signing for us and has been very consistent all year as well as being a positive influence to the team.