"David Barnett" is an England/English journalist and author. He has several published books, including Hinterland (Immanion Press, 2005, re-issued 2008), Angelglass (Immanion Press, 2007) and The Janus House and Other Two-Faced Tales (Immanion Press, 2009). Born in Wigan, Lancashire, England, he has worked at the Telegraph & Argus.

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There are plenty of questions for us to answer in the zoning case.

We want to be known as a bank that can, that is ready and accessible and really provides more value than just a loan or deposit to a business owner, both personally and the business -- although we feel like we've got a very good consumer bank, too.

She should feel more in place here with herself.

I feel good, now I got a computer again.

I want to tell them thank you for all this stuff and that I am gonna make it up for them and try to get stuff for them.

Our tribe is committed to keeping things in the community.

Schools and day centers were closing.