Only Lorna and Coby are in the flat. Kenny is in England and he is about to play a football match.

Everybody needs to help the soldiers, ... We're all family here.

There is no pre-contract in place yet with any club. Kenny is looking at things and we are considering his options.

His bottom line is to win. He don't care about the points. His goal is to get to Jackson.

We really didn't enjoy our three years at Munford. I took a shot at a big school, and I didn't like it. I wanted to get down here and get him out of that environment.

The talks were very positive. Celtic were as professional and as thorough a club as I have ever dealt with. In an ideal world we'll have a deal that both Celtic and Kenny are happy with, and he will become a Celtic player before the start of next season.

We actively patrolled 24 hours a day, and nobody heard another shot.

You're playing good competition no matter where you're at. They don't call it the hotbed for no reason.

Whether or not that excess that's always within air sacs of the lung (butt) will have a problem in the long run again it's an unknown question one which is open to concern.