There's a lot of work going on. I think this next week is going to be critical, and hopefully the weather will hold out and this next storm will go farther south.

Zero tolerance is exactly what we practise and a three-match ban on top of an automatic one-game suspension is a clear sign that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated. That's why we introduced a five-match guideline for physical assault of an official, but we did not consider this to be in that category.

At the City of Houston. For the City of Houston. Thank you. Thank you.

The initial group were Scottish but I don't want to box ourselves in and it depends if we reach agreement with one of them.

It's more than just a phone selling into the marketplace. In many of these countries, we don't have very sophisticated logistics systems, obviously, and when we were awarded the tender, there were a number of criteria that were met. It wasn't just based on price -- logistics, capability of service of the phone in the marketplace.

We have always been strongly opposed to anything that would threaten the separate identities of the British football associations and that has not and will not change. The present set-up has been around, in our case, since 1873 and we have separate privileges within FIFA and UEFA. From a football perspective, that is more important than participation in an Olympic Games.

Those with a rounded cabochon cut and bezel setting share an affinity with the U.S. and U.K. Arts and Crafts style.

They brought a streamlining modernity to Jensen designs.

The very fact that members (of the Legislature) have renounced taking the unvouchered expenses ... leaves me with the impression that these protests are real, the pressure the lawmakers are feeling is real.

His early work reveals a love of form and ornament combined with an attention to detail and craftsmanship that is extraordinary.