Dave Winfield
FameRank: 5

"David Mark "Dave" Winfield" is an American former Major League Baseball (MLB) right fielder. He is currently special assistant to the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association. Over his 22-year career, he played for six teams: the San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/California Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Minnesota Twins, and Cleveland Indians. In 2004, ESPN named him the third-best all-around Sportsperson/athlete of all time in any sport. He is a member of both the Baseball Hall of Fame and the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

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I never had to cheat, I get them with what I got.

He was the first person I met in pro ball because we both wore a size 14 shoe. He had interesting comments on exactly how far to stand away from the plate. He introduced me to the importance of being prepared for everything that you do. I took that in, on calling games and accepting responsibilities as a catcher.

These days baseball is different. You come to spring training, you get your legs ready, you arms loose, your agents ready, your lawyer lined up.

Good hitters don't just go up and swing. They always have a plan. Call it an educated deduction. You visualize. You're like a good negotiator. You know what you have, you know what he has, then you try to work it out.

It won't taint (his memory). Leave it alone.

Everyone has a breaking point, turning point, stress point, the game is permeated with it. The fans don't see it because we make it look so efficient. But internally, for a guy to be successful, you have to be like a clock spring, wound but not loose at the same time.

The only players that are having fun are those having a good year, feasting on pitching or blowing down hitters and garnering all the adulation that goes with it. But, if you're not hitting or not throwing well, or are injured, you better look for fun someplace else.

Baseball realizes it's not the only game in town. You have to do these kinds of things to introduce people to baseball.

He didn't bask in fame or glory or the money he made. He relished in the notion that a little short kid from the projects in Chicago couldn't accomplish anything in life.