Just came down to donate some time. Brought down some water and we're eventually hoping to take a family back with us who have been misplaced.

It's funding; it's not actual bodies to fill the jobs. That will take time.

He was just a raw-boned kid that loved the game and never took a play off. Coming from a small town, he had not learned a whole lot about football. So he would always want to know, 'Coach, should I take a 6-inch step, should I take a 12-inch step, what's my aiming point?' It was like coaching a kid in youth league that wants to ask you a million questions.

We don't want to spread panic.

Many builders appear to be taking a more cautious attitude because of uncertainties in the economy and this post-Katrina environment, particularly with regard to sales expectations in the near term.

This isn't a day of anxiety, but a day with more of a level of anticipation.

Our staff is anticipating a really great year. The first day of school is an anticipation of good things to come.

People would see your show and come back the same night and see it again.

They've been received rather positively here.