We represent the CVAC, but we also represent Coker. I'm happy for the win, but I'm also happy that we conducted ourselves with class in victory, as well as defeat.

It was a marathon game. It was so intense that nobody noticed how cold it was.

He was averaging 10 pitches an inning, it was a masterpiece. We had ample opportunities to get that two-out hit and drive in a run and just didn't do it. There's no need for finger pointing. That was a total team loss.

That was a real plus for us because he saved the game. We just need more of that. Twice we had a man on third with less than two out. Once we hit into a double play, and once we kind of rolled into a line drive double play. That's the ballgame right there.

We have to get better at that daily grind that all ballplayers have to go through. Right now, we have too many inexperienced players being put into pressure situations and not coming through. But it's just two games, so it's not time to panic yet.

That's baseball. Two more inches and he's the hero and everyone's jumping on him and telling him what a great player he is. We had other opportunities besides that one, though. It's a case of either you step up, or you step down.