Dave Schmidt
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"David Joseph Schmidt", is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He pitched twelve seasons in the majors from until . He is currently the pitching coordinator for the Orioles.

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We were about to go oh-for-April. I remember the night before, Frank Robinson talking to Mark Williamson and I and saying Mark was going to start the game and pitch six and I was going to pitch after him for three and get this nonsense over with. And that's the way it went.

We found that the combined annual total of bakery food donated to charity was an astonishing 750,000 pounds. And this estimate is actually very low because a lot of the members were unavailable for the survey.

I think her voice can lead her into a professional singing career because it's so different ? something you don't hear every day. Those are the people who make it.

Josh and Lucas, these last couple weeks started to wrestle like they started this season. This was huge because it's a big confidence booster going into state.

He was still a little nervous going into the final. He didn't come out with that fire that he had earlier. But he'll get that back.

I'm hoping this brings parental awareness to the situation.

We hit some big shots in the fourth quarter. But we missed a lot of free throws which kept the game close. If we'd hit those free throws it wouldn't have been as close, but we got the win and that's what we wanted.

It's big. This time of year any win is big. You've got to be good and lucky and playing well to win this time of year. Hopefully we'll have all three on Saturday.

She (Olivo) called me the day before she left (for La Academia USA). She was so excited and her enthusiasm was contagious.