It was so bang-bang, I had no idea what happened or what caused the ball to be loose, ... All I knew was I looked down, saw the ball going through my arms and off my body and we'd won.

When I got to first, I felt the ball in my chest. There must have been some kind of contact with Cruz's glove, then I saw the ball rolling away.

I was busting my tail down the line because I knew it was going to be a bang-bang play at first.

You don't always want to wait until the ninth inning to win games, but we haven't had that. That propels us, to know we can win at any time. You don't want to go into the postseason scuffling.

I wanted to bring energy out of the gate. After a game like yesterday, you don't want it to snowball. I think that was big for Jake.

Now, we can have some swagger in these late-inning games because we have done it before. We have a reference point.

Khalil and I talked about it, ... He's just extremely confident that he can hit it out in this ballpark, because no matter where you hit it, it can go out of this ballpark. That's not the case in our park.

He picked a great time to get hot.

With everything he has been through this year, for Sean to rise to the occasion like that, it says a lot about his character.