"Sir Dave Richards" is the chairman of the FA Premier League, member of the Football Association (FA)'s Board, chairman of the FA's international committee, president of the European Professional Football Leagues organisation, chairman of UEFA's Professional Football Committee and former chairman of Sheffield Wednesday F.C.

Richards was a director of companies involved in engineering, telecommunications and water and waste treatment, several of which entered administrative receivership or were dissolved. He became a director of Sheffield Wednesday F.C. in October 1989 and chairman five months later, following the departure of the long-serving Bert McGee.

Richards was made chairman of the Premier League in 1999 and left Sheffield Wednesday shortly afterwards with the club facing relegation from the Premiership. He succeeded Lord Pendry as chairman of the Football Foundation in March 2003, and left the post in 2008.

In 2006 Richards received a Orders, decorations, and medals of the United Kingdom#Knighthood/knighthood for services to sport. At the time of his knighthood the Minister for Sport and the Olympics/Sports Minister was Richard Caborn.

In March 2009, Richards was made Deputy Chairman of the England 2018 FIFA World Cup bid, a position he resigned that November.

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For me, there's no distinction between English and British. We are the biggest nation in the world that plays this game and we want someone who can really move us on.

It was a perfect day, right around freezing with snow, ice and sunshine.

Everybody's talking about 'bungs' but can anybody actually show me if it's real or not. There's a lot of suspicion, but is it right? Give me some evidence, we'll look at it. Richard Scudamore [the Premier League chief executive] will have the best mind to look into it.

They'll show how it used to be done historically when ice was used for shipping. They'll be scratching it in a checkerboard way and scoring it.

It's time for a British manager.

It's a chance to show our recreational activities in winter because a lot of people stay around home.

I do believe it's time for a British manager. It's time to have somebody who understands the passion and the belief and the commitment to the game.

We made miniature snowmen. Instead of carrots, we used Fruit Loops. Some kids were sorry they couldn't take it with them.

Sven's track record has been brilliant.