That was a very good game, ... We were a little concerned coming in because we were a little banged up. But the kids responded to the challenge. We had a lot of good senior leadership. One thing we stressed was when you face adversity, you need people to step up.

Alex has great control for a freshman. I think what's most impressive is he does mix up his game. ... Before the season, I didn't know he'd be as strong as he is.

One thing about them is neither one will give up. They're tenacious, they really are.

They?re constantly blocked at this location.

It is always dangerous to make comparisons, but having lived through February 1986, this current pattern is beginning to have that look to it.

Most of the time you come in here and you might have 80 Corollas to choose from. Now you come in and you have 20 to choose from.

What we need is something concrete to say whether we're at risk. That's the issue.

From a law enforcement perspective, we are looking at this as a crime scene, ... What if we find more than what we're looking for?