Pleasant Hill just has too many horses, they're a good basketball team.

He's getting his confidence and he's figuring out that the varsity level is a little higher intensity level. But he's adjusting and so are the other kids. I'm pleased with all those guys that swing. I can't say enough good things about what I think that is doing for our basketball program in the future.

We didn't get off to too good of a start in the first quarter falling behind as bad as we were playing offensively. We were able to hang onto it because Y-C was making some early turnovers and giving us every opportunity to stay in the game.

He's a bigger kid who can shoot inside and out and he was doing both (Tuesday) night.

He's a good shooter. We'd like him to take more shots, but being a sophomore, I think he has it in himself that he doesn't think he needs to take those shots. But we need to have him take those looks and try to knock those down.

Kenneth didn't have a lot of numbers offensively, but his presence on the boards was felt out there and I think defensively he made some contributions as well. So did Will before he fouled out. He was playing some pretty good defense and scrambling around out there, causing some havoc.

I thought Jeremy played pretty steady for us. He played a lot of minutes and he just had a great game on the boards and he tried to do what he could defensively.

We just didn't have a good first half. Our problem has been inconsistency to put four quarters together all season long, and that's been our downfall.